SUPERKIND is a story-world creation community, aspiring to be the world’s first Decentralized Entertainment. We are not a fan club nor management corporate but rather like a game! We wanted to find completely new ways to enjoy KPOP. While we love KPOP, we couldn’t help but feel like it was becoming very typical.

Being a passive audience is not enough anymore. The more we watch amazing music videos, the stronger our desire gets to create something ourselves. We didn’t want things to end at watching but continue into making. But we don’t want to do this alone. Like we enjoyed KPOP together, creation will be more fun if we do it all together!

As a team, we will be making a story-world. All the content in the world begins from an interesting story. Imagine music, choreography, videos made based on the story-worlds created by you. You will be the first one to experience this as SUPERKIND.

Simple rules to play SUPERKIND

1. No Gravity Zone: We are playing in No-Gravity-Zone. Gravity is everywhere, but No gravity? It means we are not limited to any kind of rules. We play by our rules. In fact, we’ve made our own rules in casting SUPERKIND. We believed for a great story-world, the way we cast idols should be entirely different. So, we not only cast in the physical world but also cast from story-worlds. What if characters from my favorite animation became an idol? Imagine it. We are in No-Gravity-Zone!

2. Bottom-up Creative: Before we begin our play, please download ‘Bottom-up Creative’ mentality. Our mentality is based on the belief that ‘1,000 ordinary people can create greater story-worlds than one genius’ The top-down creative methods we have seen until now are not cool anymore. They never reflected our opinions. If you are nodding your head, you’ve completed the Bottom-up Creative mentality.

Until the day our story-worlds become music videos, billboards and more. !SUPER!